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Why You Must Keep a Bucket List of Adventures

07 Feb, 2012 0 comments All life areas

One cannot emphasize enough on the importance of being open to new experiences in life. Adding the adventurous streak to an everyday routine can not only make your life interesting, it can also help you learn. There is something different and exciting to gain from every adventure, enabling you to get important insights into things about yourself that you’d been unaware of, and to test your strengths and weaknesses. Your next adventure could change your life and alter it in unimaginable ways. While you might experience new things as and when they come, it’s never too late to have a list of your own adventures to try. A bucket list of adventures will give you a head-start if you’ve been trying to add adventure to your life but can’t zero in on one particular idea. Having a list for yourself will also open you up to the thought of new avenues in life, to explore and discover. Making the list is easy – get a pen and paper and write it all down. Think big and reach out to what seems impossible at the moment. Make it a point to have atleast 10 items in the list and progressively rank them according to your preferences. It could provide you with a much needed break from routine and motivation to take action. Here are 5 reasons why this bucket list is important:

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