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Minimalist Photography Made Easy

09 Jan, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Time and again, photographers have turned to the concept of minimalism to experiment with their work and add elements of drama and boldness to their photography, incorporating the minimalist idea of “less is more”. Minimalism as a way of life emphasizes on simplifying the way you live by eliminating things you don’t need. Bringing concepts of lifestyle into photography is one of the many ways in which both amateurs who are keen to learn about photography, as well as professionals have explored the world we live in through their lens. Photography as an art is about a lot of things, one of them being your own perception of the outside world. The act of clicking a picture is 80% perception and 20% technique, and although minimalist photography is all about reducing distractions and elements in your pictures, it has a lot more to its technique than meets the eye. Here’s a simple guide to getting started on minimalist photography:

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14 Tips to please your boss & be the best guy in office!

19 Dec, 2013 0 comments All life areas

Most of us spend more time in office than anywhere else these days. With the king of targets we have, enough work is never enough, right? If you don’t have a good rapport with your boss, you’re pretty much going to be dealing with a list of seemingly simple problematic things starting with high blood pressure, stress and ending up with grave problems in life like bad sex life and solitude. Well, let’s just say, a displeased boss is the root cause of all evil in your life.

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How to land the dream job

20 May, 2013 0 comments All life areas

We all wish to land that dream job; the one that will play to our natural strengths and feed our souls the same way that ice cream quenches the heat on a hot afternoon. However, not all of us are lucky to get that job, or even come close. Have you wondered why?

See, a lot of people think that a high earning job is the way to go. Rightfully so, the bills have to get paid, right? But we sometimes develop tunnel vision in our quest for that high paying job that we forget to actually sit down and internalize what we really want out of a job. And that right there is the first step to landing your dream job. Actually sitting down and self-examining yourself to come up with a list of ideas that can become careers, and which will also inspire you to become better. Filter your dreams based on the aspirations you possess, the level of education they might require, and their earning potential. Other factors you can consider are the job’s ability to give back to world, working for someone who values you as an individual, and having to balance work with personal life/family.

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Working When Less is More: Simple is Powerful

06 Apr, 2012 0 comments All life areas

More and more people are beginning to explore the minimalistic, simplistic side of productivity to try and find a style of working which is less taxing, but more efficient. Less is More. Normally, we associate increased productivity and results with extra hours at work. The more you work, the more you get done. Recent studies however have shown that the key to increased productivity might not always be working more, but working less. The simpler, hassle free path to life can help you get the desired results, while maintaining health and peace of mind. Here are some great ways to work simple, work less and transform your lifestyle:

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10 Health Problems You Might Encounter at Work

03 Apr, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Working behind a desk all day can put you at risk for several health problems; problems linked to your work habits and environment, be it in a corporate office atmosphere or fieldwork. The inadvertent influence of the professional on the personal is growing at an unprecedented pace in today’s world, and this is where as a working professional you should be aware of what puts you at risk and how you can prevent it. Here are 10 common work-related health risks being faced by people all over the world:

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