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The Minimalist Path to Financial Freedom

14 Mar, 2013 0 comments All life areas

People from all walks of life are starting to adopt principles of minimalism to manage their personal finances. The minimalist way of life at its core is about owning as little as possible and valuing what you do have. Although giving up a lot of your wordily possessions may not appeal to you, there are aspects of minimalism that everyone can benefit from. Here are 7 simple minimalist steps for better money management and financial freedom:

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Beat the Debt: Creative Ways to Come Out and Stay Out of Debt (Part 2)

05 Feb, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Debt is nothing but a form of modern slavery which affects more people in today’s developed, technologically forward world. Money needs far more planning today than before, and with the ready availability of credit cards and other forms of credit, it might seem as though one can never run out of money. Well, for the debt ridden individual, life can seem like an endless struggle to repay and at the same time save enough to survive. For debt ridden families, it is even worse. While we do not claim to be finance experts of any sort, there are few universally acknowledged ways of getting started with a debt repayment process. We give you some creative ways to come out of debt, supplement your financial planning process and help you in your race towards a debt free and financially independent living:

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Beat the Debt: 10 Things You Need to Stop Spending Money On (Part 1)

24 Jan, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Facing a financial crunch? Too much debt to recover from? This new year, make smarter choices when it comes to spending money on some very common things, a few expenditures which you can cut down easily and make a big difference to your finances. To come out of debt you need to focus on where you are spending most of your money on, the little things, the frivolous use of your credit cards on things you don’t need, the lack of a solid budget every month, a bit of laziness here and there. In a bid to help you plan and spend money in a better way in the coming year, we give you 10 things you need  pay attention and avoid over spending your money:

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