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Daily Habits – the myths and facts about 21 days

17 Jan, 2013 1 comment All life areas

The New Year brings with it the promise of a new beginning, new opportunities and changes. And as convention goes, if you have  a new year resolution up your sleeve and want to make it into a daily habit, all you need to do is stay strong for 21 days. While the magical properties of the number 21 are unclear, what is clear now is that habit formation theories  which suggest it takes on an average about 21 days for an action to become a habit, are in fact false. A simple Google search about habit formation  or daily habits has long yielded results which tell the reader that a time period anywhere between 21 to 28 days is perfect for a habit to form. However, a recent psychological research breakthrough achieved by researcher Phillipa Lally and her colleagues from University College London has challenged this common belief that has been around since 1960. The research paper which has been published in the European Journal of Social Psychology has challenged the 21 day generalization and has provided a new turn to this sub-field of psychological studies.

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Getting Things Done : The Minimalist way

06 Sep, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Bringing the two concepts together, we discover that  Getting Things Done (GTD) has a lot to gain from Minimalism as a way of thinking. Have a look:

Feeling like your productivity is lacking? Wondering how to get more done in the day? Feeling disorganized and disoriented? A lot of people respond to this kind of stress by trying to multi-task and making their life even more complicated. Instead, why not adopt some minimalist habits that will boost your productivity, increase your focus and stop running yourself ragged.

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Living in the Moment: Take a Walk of Freedom from Worrying

27 Aug, 2012 0 comments Personal Development

Be it friends, family, work or health, we’ve all experienced worry in some form or the other. While saying the words “Everything will be okay” is often used as a quick mechanism to take your mind off things, the problem still continues to persist and we all know that. So what is the solution for worries? The answer often lies in attitude. Your worry can be quite different from your colleague’s or at times can be the exact same thing. And don’t we all find ourselves saying that he or she somehow must have an easy way out because the effects of the problem don’t seem to bother them as much. But is that so? Every person is different in dealing with problems and worries, and sometimes the answer can lie in the way you look at things. Perspective can change a lot more than you think.

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10 Must Have Places on Your Travel Bucket List

16 May, 2012 0 comments All life areas

If you’re that avid traveler who cannot live without traveling to one place or another from time to time, this is for you. Thrown in is a mix of destinations that you may already be familiar with and others you may not yet have heard of . The places to visit in our life time.

1. Venice, Italy – This wondrous city connected by bridges and canals is certainly a must visit simply because there is no other city like it. Blending together Italian charm and a peaceful ambiance,  you will have the time of your life sitting in a gondola and looking at the beautiful structures around you. In recent years, the city however has been under threat from global warming and rising water levels, however its charm remains untouched.

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6 reasons Why You Should be Setting Goals for Life

22 Dec, 2011 0 comments All life areas

If you want something badly out of life, the you should start setting goals. A goal is your action plan to achieve your life’s dream. Below are 6 key reasons why setting goals is so important:

  1. It makes you clear about your final destination (Vision): Without goals, you go through life aimlessly, not achieving what you want for yourself. A goal is a dream that needs work done in order for you to achieve it. To have success, you need to spell out your end desire and then try to achieve it systematically. Once you crystallize your goals, get all secondary thoughts out of the way and channel your time and efforts into reaching where you want to go. This will make your life more purposeful.
  2. Goals give you the impetus to move forward (Drive): Goals motivate you to move in a particular direction. To achieve your goal, visualize yourself in a particular role or position and keep that mental picture before you. With this image urging you on, you can achieve your life’s dream easily.
  3. You zero in on achieving your goals (Focus): With goals, you can focus your attention single-mindedly on a particular aspect of life that you aspire to and spend all your time and energy on it. Once you articulate it, you can move in a specific direction and achieve it.
  4. You’re forced to take action (Action): Goal-setting obliges you to work towards your goals and achieve success. Goals give you clarity on whether you are living up to your commitment or not. By being accountable to your goals, you remain true to your innermost desires.
  5. You can reach the pinnacle of your potential (Excellence): With goals, you can reach your maximum potential. You can now set targets and work towards achieving them. Your goals could take you out of your comfort zone into different worlds and environments. You may cover ground you never thought possible. This can heighten your self-awareness and let you learn more about life and yourself.
  6. You can get the most out of life (Living): Your newly-acquired knowledge and abilities will allow you to experience more out of the same life experiences you’ve had so far. Goal-setting gives you a different perspective of life, making you think more lucidly and in greater depth than you did before.

Secondly, by setting measurable goals, we get the most out of our experiences while we live. If you know your purpose in life, your goals will ensure that you reach where you want to go.

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What is Resolution Tweet?

13 Dec, 2011 0 comments All life areas

“Do you remember your last year resolution?

We are guessing No!

If you do then have u turned your resolution to reality yet!

How many times in the past u have been successful?

We are again guessing …Not Many!

If you have achieved it?

Then we are really happy for u

However our research says 95% of the times people forget their new year resolutions after the hangover from the new year party. If they have made any resolution in the first place.

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How Resolution Tweet Works

09 Dec, 2011 0 comments All life areas

So, you’ve finally registered on our site to begin a life of progress and want to know how things work here OR perhaps you’re on the fence about joining us. Either ways, you’re at the right place if you want to know how Resolution Tweet works. Let’s say you’re being a couch potato once again or getting psychologically abused by others because you’re not being a stand up person or just having your regular ice cream sandwich at an irregular time…or doing just about anything that you dislike doing but do it because it has become a habit. While you’re at it, all of a sudden, you’re struck by an epiphany of sorts and you decide – NO MORE! I will no longer sit and do nothing! I will no longer sit and welcome abuse! I will no longer overeat! Once you have the slightest of insight to know better than to indulge in a habit that is destroying your progress, we can help. We believe there’s space for improvement in everyone and that’s where we come in.

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