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Getting Things Done : The Minimalist way

06 Sep, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Bringing the two concepts together, we discover that  Getting Things Done (GTD) has a lot to gain from Minimalism as a way of thinking. Have a look:

Feeling like your productivity is lacking? Wondering how to get more done in the day? Feeling disorganized and disoriented? A lot of people respond to this kind of stress by trying to multi-task and making their life even more complicated. Instead, why not adopt some minimalist habits that will boost your productivity, increase your focus and stop running yourself ragged.

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Time Management Basics: The Pomodoro Technique

04 May, 2012 0 comments All life areas

GTD and time management experts as well as professionals from numerous fields stand by The Pomodoro Technique as one of the best methods to get things done on time and manage procrastination and distractions. This simple technique is extremely useful for those looking to boost their personal and team productivity by eliminating interruptions and distractions at work. The main idea behind Pomodoro is to decrease work anxiety by breaking down the tasks at hand and doing them in small intervals of 25 minutes each. This intelligent breakdown of time allows the person to complete the task at hand in small chunks during which their attention is completely focused on the task, followed by a small break to refresh the mind, and then starting again. Each productive 25 minute period builds momentum, thereby increasing the feeling of productivity as well. This technique can be used by almost anyone, in any form of work setting. However, it’s most effective for people who have to work at a designated place and have trouble concentrating for long periods of time sitting at the same place. Let’s have a closer look at the technique:

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