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Minimalist Photography Made Easy

09 Jan, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Time and again, photographers have turned to the concept of minimalism to experiment with their work and add elements of drama and boldness to their photography, incorporating the minimalist idea of “less is more”. Minimalism as a way of life emphasizes on simplifying the way you live by eliminating things you don’t need. Bringing concepts of lifestyle into photography is one of the many ways in which both amateurs who are keen to learn about photography, as well as professionals have explored the world we live in through their lens. Photography as an art is about a lot of things, one of them being your own perception of the outside world. The act of clicking a picture is 80% perception and 20% technique, and although minimalist photography is all about reducing distractions and elements in your pictures, it has a lot more to its technique than meets the eye. Here’s a simple guide to getting started on minimalist photography:

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