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The Amazing Value of Synthetic Happiness

25 Sep, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Ever thought about creating happiness? Not depending on the outside world to feel happy? Can you, setting everything material aside, count the things that give you happiness on your fingers?

In an inspiring TED talk on The Surprising Science of Happiness, Dan Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness, enlightens us on the benefits of manufacturing our own happiness and reducing our dependence on the outside world to achieve a happy state of mind. Emphasizing the difference between natural or ‘real’ happiness and synthetic happiness, Gilbert gives us interesting insights into the happiness level of people in different circumstances. A Harvard psychologist by profession, Gilbert is only one of the many researchers who have intensively focused on the meaning of happiness in our lives and how ideas of freedom and choice are intimately linked to it. His research was done with a diverse set of people including patients suffering from amnesia, lottery winners and paraplegics. The findings were even more curious, and led to actually questioning the very basis of our understanding happiness and how it is affected by our society. His studies on happiness hold valuable lessons that we can all benefit from learning…

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