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10 Ways to Be More Green at Home

02 Dec, 2014 0 comments All life areas

You know that eco-consciousness is important, but sometimes how we ought to help isn’t always clear. Here are 10 quick tips that are going to help you be more green at home!

1. Shop for sustainable paper products. 2 million trees would be saved every year if every American bought one package of recycled paper toilet tissue instead of the usual virgin paper brands, according to Seventh Generation, a paper company that is changing the world.  Look for recycled, post-consumer and sustainably harvested paper goods.

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Basic Tips You Need To Know About Productivity

12 Aug, 2012 0 comments All life areas

There is always something we have to do, someone we have to see, or some item we have to purchase/get rid of/repair/replace. That’s the way of life; we have more to do than the time we have would allow us. You start on one task, and more pop up. Sure, sometimes we get stuff done, but how many times have you gone to bed at night wishing you would have done just a little bit more? To understate this; you need to make use of your time more wisely, and that will ultimately result in more productivity.

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