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10 Exotic Foods You Must Try

23 May, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Eating foods that look totally unfamiliar is something a lot of people dread; how do you know that you’re in for a culinary treat and not a gustatory disaster? If you’re the kind of person who is open to adventure and especially if you have a desire to travel, try to open your mind to some of the unfamiliar dishes that you will find along the way. It’s also important to remember that every country in the world has its own rich culinary heritage and ‘exotic’ food is really just food that is unfamiliar to you–sushi would not be considered ‘exotic’ in Tokyo, but hamburgers might!

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Nutrition Tips when Eating Out

01 Feb, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Dining out at a restaurant or grabbing lunch at a fast food joint can easily add extra calories to your diet and hit your health and fitness regime. We all tend to splurge while eating out and count it as a break from our usual eating habits, however, if you’re one who eats out a lot or buys lunches at your workplace, then you might want to stop and rethink. Most of the food we eat outside, no matter how healthy it might seem, has hidden calories which perhaps only show the next time you try your favorite pair of jeans on again. Smart eating is not difficult if followed on a regular basis; it’s all about eating right, not eating less. Now, if you want to avoid eating a day’s worth of calories in one go at your favorite restaurant, here are a few tips on keeping your taste buds happy when eating out, while maintaining a check on the calorie meter:

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