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7 Things Happy People Do

happy people

What is the secret to happiness? Why is it that some people are happier than others? We often find ourselves asking these questions. Some of us might have met people whose lives might be tougher than ours, but their happiness quotient is higher. We might wonder if these people do something different that makes them have a more positive outlook on life. Here’s a quick look at 7 things happy people do:


Happy people forgive others, and they do so while putting ego aside. Forgiving people for their mistakes allows you to move on from things that might have hurt you in the past, and only makes you a better person. If you keep harboring a grudge against someone, it is not only unhealthy for your social relationships, it is extremely damaging to your own well-being. Feelings of dislike and hate generate negativity in your life and trickle down to all aspects of your life. Free your mind of grudges and feelings of hate and make room for things that matter.

Express Love

Happy people tend to express their love for others more, and make sure they share their time, experiences and joy with those who are special to them. In life, expressing your love is often a necessity. People come and go, and sometimes silence can mean failure of friendships and romances. We must be able to express our gratitude for having them in our lives before it is too late. Expressing love and gratitude keeps us positive. If you can be grateful for those things you do have in life, you won’t be ruled by obsessions over the future–you have everything you need to be happy at any given moment.

Tend Towards Optimism

Optimism is everything. Even in the most dire of circumstances, if you can remain optimistic, you will never run out of reasons to be happy. To be optimistic is to believe that the world is a good place that it is filled with opportunities waiting to be discovered. If you cannot find optimism externally, you can cultivate it yourself. Happy people view failures as opportunities and they make use of them by learning from their mistakes and growing as an individual.

Connect Socially and Avoid Comparison

As humans, social connections are everything to us. We cannot live securely in this world without knowing that there are people out there who accept us for who we are. Happy people recognize the need to connect, but they don’t compare themselves to others. Most people have this tendency to compare themselves to others in social situations, to either conclude that they are better than someone and hence superior, or to conclude that they are inferior to someone, thereby undervaluing their own efforts and hard work. Social comparison is never healthy. Remember, the only comparison you need to make is between your present self to your past self.

Enjoy the Small Pleasures

The spring flowers outside your office often go unnoticed as you devote yourself to balance sheets and progress reports. The small things can only be enjoyed when you slow down for a while and savor every moment as it passes. No doubt the world is always on the move and we don’t want to fall behind, but sometimes it’s a good idea to slow down and simply observe. Focus on life’s simple gifts, whether it be a dinner with your whole family on a Sunday evening, or a walk with someone whose company you enjoy. Happy people are present with these joys when they come and make the most of them while they last.

Are Dedicated

Your goals in life act as directional forces, enabling you to find meaning and steer towards what is important. You need to completely dedicate yourself to your goals and vision to be able to achieve them. Dedication gives you a sense of renewed passion for something that is much bigger than you and it can make achieving that goal worth the effort. This sort of a commitment can and should be extended to everything you do in life. A commitment to your family, your relationships, your work and yourself ensures you have some cohesion and direction in life. You know what you want when you can commit to it, and when there is no turning back from that commitment. Decisiveness makes happier people.

Value Health and Wellness

Self-confidence, self-worth and self-respect together make for happier people. Your physical state has the ability to trickle down and penetrate into your mental realm as well as your emotional space, affecting how your perception and reactions to people and situations.  A body that lacks energy tends to harbor more negativity, and the individual consequently experiences lack of concentration, irritability and lack of purpose. Happy people respect their bodies as well as their emotions and do their best to value their health and wellness so that they can function at their best.