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12 Things To Do Before You’re 30


Isn’t life all about stress these days ?  Turning 30 soon? Boy, get ready for even more.

Sometimes, you just have to let it go. Let go of your inhibitions, of your worries, anxieties and do what you’ve always wanted to do. Not all of us get a lot of free time to do that stuff that we really want to be doing. So if you’re under 30,  try the list of fun things to do below and let your inhibitions go.

1. Watch your favorite game in the stadium (and cheer!!)


Many of us have a great passion for games like tennis, baseball, football, cricket, etc. We always see the games either live or recorded–but always on the TV. How about watching your favorite sports stars live in action? The crowd, the cheering,  the shouting…watching a match live is always better. Its like therapy!

2. Go camping….alone


I know what you’re thinking..camping with friends is fun so why go alone, right? Camping alone in the woods, dealing with challenges, witnessing the beauty of nature…priceless! And hey, leave your smartphone back at home; instagramming the sunrise is not part of the deal.

3. Climb a mountain 


Take a week off from your busy work schedule and go climb a f*cking mountain. Take your goofy friends with you so there’s someone to have your back in case of trouble. Scared? Maybe a challenge is exactly what you need to prove yourself to well, yourself, before you reach the big THREE-O.5. Play casino in Las Vegas..and lose it all!

4. Be a high-roller in Vegas


If you tell your friends that you went to Las Vegas, the firstt question they will ask is “How much did you win?” In this case, it’s not about winning, it’s about the nightlife and the chance to say you ‘did it’, but hey, going home with a little extra cash wouldn’t be too shabby…

6. Visit a haunted house at midnight


Do you believe in ghosts? If you do, then you’ve got to do this. Get a handy cam or GoPro and strap it on your head. Go to a freaky haunted house in the night and video your experience. Talk about bucket list material.

7. Learn a foreign language..at the least, learn the greetings.


How about learning a foreign language like Chinese, Japanese, Urdu or Russian? Learning a language on your own can be really fun. Next time you hang out with your friends, you can show off by speaking a few words and wow them with your worldliness.

8. Parachute.


You can undergo some training for the ride if needed, just be prepared for the thrill of a lifetime. And make sure you click a pic when you’re up there; it’s a view few people ever get to see.

9. Stay in a five star hotel (without worrying about the expense)


Many of us might have seen a five star hotel and wondered if we would ever get to indulge in such luxurious digs. Save some money and spend a day and night in a luxurious suite in one of the top five star hotels in your country or on your next vacation abroad. Enjoy being pampered and living the sweet life.

10. Write a story or book


When was the last time you wrote something–voluntarily? Have you ever? Consider taking a writing class, keeping a journal or composing your own poetry. You don’t ever have to share your work if you don’t want to, but you will learn a lot about yourself by using this underrated method of self-expression.

12. Stand on the top of a building on New Year’s Eve


There will always be big celebrations during New Year’s Eve in many countries. Choose a tall and popular building in your city to view the fireworks. And don’t forget to bring a bottle of something with which to ring in the new year.

We know what you’re thinking…”I’m not the adventurous type…” Get off of Facebook and go make adventure happen. What stories do you want to be telling when your 40th rolls around?

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  • http://blog.thecoderin.me/ Naz Mir

    Great list :) I’m going to try all of them except 6 😉