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Do It When You Are Young: Things To Do In Your Youth


They say your youth will be a testament to some of the best days of your life, and rightfully so. You are at a gap of sorts, between a kid and a fully mature grown up. Life as a young adult is always full of fun and ideas, all of which you can accomplish if you set your mind to. However, with fleeting desires and wants, most youth waste away their years, and only realize it is too late once they are much older and have to think of the bills and work.

This isn’t to say that older people can’t have fun, but rather you are best placed as a young adult to live life as you want to. With so many opportunities and avenues to make your life better, being a young adult is indeed the best part of life. You don’t want to wake up years from now with regrets at not being able to enjoy life. As such, here are things you should be doing in your youthful years that will not only make life better, but will help you mature into the best adult you can be in future.

Take in the sun

There are probably a handful other ways to enjoy nature in its element than by taking in the sun. Sunlight has nutritional benefits (vitamin C production on the skin), as well as mental. See, if your body is able to distinguish between night and day, the natural circadian rhythm (body’s internal clock) functions much better. So get out there and enjoy the sun. You have nothing to lose, and you’ll be able to see life in a much brighter tone.

Exercise, exercise, and more exercise

It’s shocking that obesity is much more prevalent in younger people than it is in adults. More young people are comfortable with sedentary lives, happy to be couch potatoes who eat and play video games all day. This is not the way to go, not with all the risks and dangers that obesity brings with it are made available to such youth.

Regular exercise will do more than just reduce fat in the body; it keeps you fresh, focused, energized, and much able to take on physically and mentally challenging tasks. Take up jogging, swimming, cycling, and the gym, anything to keep that heart rate up. Believe me, the older you will be much appreciative of the physical activities you put in today.

Develop your social skills

With the awkwardness of adolescence behind you, now is the time to get out there and make new friends. Social skills are important, not just for personal growth, but are a necessity if you are to make it big in your professional life. Sometimes it is more about the people you know, rather than what you have read or learnt. Join a local youth group, as this is a great place to meet new friends and socialize. If you have student exchange programs, by all means sign up. Meeting people from different countries and cultures if refreshing, if not downright eye-opening.

And get off social media, too. It may be the hot thing right now, but social media has brought on hiding place for people to avoid human interaction. There’s no substitute for human interaction, more so when it comes to building meaningful, long-lasting relationships.


Dance your body away, seriously. At this young age, your body is much more flexible and lithe than it will be in years. If you have ever wanted to learn how to dance, now is the time. Dance and music go hand in hand, and after years of experimenting, at this point in life you are probably able to point to certain genres of music that you are comfortable with.

Learn new skills

The brain’s ability to soak in new information is unmatched, and at no point in time is this ability much enhanced than in your younger years. As a young adult, your mind is able to comprehend things you wouldn’t have as a child, which is why forms of education get more challenging as one moves up in life. Go to school, get a degree or masters (PhD, too). Learn how to fix a car, repair home installations, fix the computer, install a home theater system, learn a new language/how to cook, and so much more. There’s really no lid to what you skills you can pick up at this point in your life, so don’t limit yourself either.

Spend less, save more

Most financial lessons that you will take into your older, formative years will be molded and learnt from experiences as a young adult. Sure, you will be tempted to keep up with latest trends and peers, spending your money on clothes and partying. But you can only do this for so long before you realize that these are frivolous things; items and luxuries you would be perfectly fine without spending so much on. Learn how to save at an early age. They say start saving for your retirement when you are young, as this is the best time to make saving more than just a chore.

Don’t settle

Don’t settle for anything less than you would wish for. Not when it comes to friendships, relationships, work, school, and life. Once you start settling for less than you deserve, or have earned, then you start limiting your life’s potential.

Your youth will only come around once, so make the best use of it. Of course, some will use this rationale to make bad decisions, like drugs, alcohol, and sex. We won’t always make the best choices, but mistakes are there for a reason; to learn from them. Therefore, learn from the bad, and don’t ignore any good advice you come upon (like this one!).