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14 Tips to please your boss & be the best guy in office!


Most of us spend more time in office than anywhere else these days. With the king of targets we have, enough work is never enough, right? If you don’t have a good rapport with your boss, you’re pretty much going to be dealing with a list of seemingly simple problematic things starting with high blood pressure, stress and ending up with grave problems in life like bad sex life and solitude. Well, let’s just say, a displeased boss is the root cause of all evil in your life.

So, if you’re serious about it..you know it, please your [insert your fav description here] boss. Oh! Wait, we don’t mean pleasing him for the heck of it. Read on…


1. Under promise, over deliver!

This is the secret sauce. If he demands you lift 100 pounds and you can actually lift 150, you only promise 75, so he’d expect a 70. Then you deliver a 100! Tadaaa! Win-win situation, right? He’s happy and you are too, you clever guy!

2. Pay attention during conversations.

I mean, he’s your f***ing boss, damn it! When he speaks, you listen. Everybody else does. Make sure you get what he’s trying to convey (even though its BS).

On a serious note, don’t wander your mind and pay 100% attention while you are in conversation with your boss even if it is casual. If you are not able to follow, politely ask for clarification immediately. Unless your boss is a huge AH, he’ll explain what he actually wants.

3. Prioritize your effing tasks


According to the “Big Book of Bosses” he’s supposed to stay on your ass and keep throwing those carrots at a speed you’re not able to pick. And then there are tasks. Now, listen carefully, if you want to win your boss, prioritize your tasks. Make sure you take them one at a time but surely finish them. No sloppy work here dude, or else.

4. Discuss your problems w/ others and ask for help

All of us aren’t problem solvers. Well, we’re all humans not programmed robots. So, its OK to err. So, what do you do when you need help? Sit quiet and expect someone to come by, right?

Wrong! You keep your ego in your back pocket and go ask for help. Yes! This is the one thing that is common to all successful people. Really!

5. Take Initiatives

Provide suggestions for improvements in the tasks voluntarily when your boss have free time. Any suggestion which will reduce the cost to the company will always be appreciated and it will improve your image. Don’t trust us, ask the best performer in your team. I bet he’s been doing it for years together.

6. Status updates FTW!


Why? Just so he knows that you’re on top of stuff. Also, if you are planning to miss your deadlines, he will know. And people hate bad surprises! Bosses especially don’t like any surprises. So let him know what’s coming up and keep him posted.

7. Accept your mistakes

It takes a lot to admit a mistake. Nobody makes mistakes willingly. If you have done something wrong, accept your mistake and take the criticism in a positive manner instead of losing your conscience. Provided your boss is a respectable guy, he’s going to acknowledge and appreciate your honesty. Not something you see these days with people.

8. Show interest in his passions

This is sort of a tight lip thing. What I mean by “showing” interest is, to be his friend. Of course, you might argue that he’s a giant AH and you’re not interested in what he does. But at least, pretend. Think of that salary check and take it up, smarty! Talk about golf if he likes it, talk about Jazz, even if you don’t know nuts about it. This is the life boy, open up!

9. Keep yourself informed about latest trends

You know though leadership kind. Subscribe for journals or magazines in the field you work and keep yourself up to date about the latest innovations and developments. Gather information about your competitor companies and share that with your boss. Talk about that new product that’s out and how you guys can do something cooler. Tell him how awesome the new technology is and what you should do. He’ll be proud of you.

10. Express your long term interest

Express your commitment and long term interest in the organization to your boss whenever you get the opportunity. It will improve the confidence of your boss for discussing about the future goals of the company.

11. Keep your desk and workspaces neat


This is a tactical thing. Make sure that your workspace is neat and organized especially if your boss has the habit of visiting your workspace often. Make sure you are not keeping any entertainment magazines or anything similar to that on the desk to catch their eye. (Unless you’re the funky startup where everybody is headbanging while coding.)

12. Provide support for new employees

If you are approached by new employees for guidance, do it willingly. When asked, provide your full support for critical tasks even if you are not part of it. Be a team player.

13. Don’t join the gossip circle

Make sure that you don’t gossip about your to any of your friends inside the office even if you trust them fully as it will create a bad impression of you to your boss.

14. Show your commitment

Bosses are insecure themselves. They’ll be looking out for team members who are reliable and can help them. Be that guy. Do all that you can to show your commitment. Stay late. Come early. Stretch. Clock in extra hours, whatever! But a committed employee is a company’s asset.

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