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6 Unusual Ways to Volunteer Your Time

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So, you’d like to start volunteering, but you’d like to do something a little off the beaten path; something adventurous or quirky, or maybe something downright unusual. Here are a few ideas that are going to take you around the world with some bizarre, but completely rewarding volunteer opportunities.

1. Volunteer at the Institute of Marine Biology in Hawai’i

Get up close and personal with marine wildlife and educate visitors about the importance of marine biology on the Big Island. Volunteers can do office work, interface with tourists and visitors and even work in the animal care department, all while visiting this tropical island. Aloha paradise!

2. Teach Cooking and Nutrition to Low-Income Families

In many Westernized countries where poverty is an issue, low-income families will often vouch for fast food or cheap food products full of preservatives. That’s why many organizations around the world are working to teach families how to cook at home and eat more healthily. For U.S, click here. For UK, click here. Australia, click here.

3. Take Care of Wild Animals in Africa

Do you long for a life of adventure? Do you love being outdoors? Are you a thrill-seeker? Look no further than the African Conservation Experience. You will get to protect, care for and learn about wild animals while traveling abroad and learning about African culture. The volunteer experience of a lifetime.

4. Be a Trailblazer

There are many opportunities to work on trekking/hiking trails in the beautiful and diverse terrain of North America. Parks need volunteer to help maintain the trails throughout the year. You might want to start your search here, here and here, but most parks throughout North America need volunteers like you and will have programs in place for you to live and work in the great outdoors.

5. Teach Sports Abroad

You may have seen plenty of volunteer postings looking for teachers of English or other languages, to teach reading or mathematics…but how about teaching sports? Kids all over the world need physical education to stay healthy and grow strong. Why not look for listings for PE teachers around the world and share your love of soccer/football, basketball or rugby/football with kids in need?

6. Do Arts and Crafts with the Elderly

If you have a local retirement community in your neighborhood or a volunteer program for spending time with the elderly, give them a call and propose an arts and crafts day. It’s as easy as picking up some simple supplies at a local arts and crafts store and tracking down a fun DIY online. Being creative elevates the mood and engages the brain in ways that a lot of folks living in these isolated communities may not be getting every day. This concept is so helpful and popular that you may be lucky enough to have an existing program already in your area; quirky and rewarding volunteer opportunity in one go.

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