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7 Ways to Be More Giving Every Day

be more giving

We at ResolutionTweet value contribution to the world as part of a complete, fulfilled life. Here are 7 ways you can start to be more giving today.

1. Re-Evaluate the Stuff in Your Life

It’s hard to be giving when we are holding on to too much. Re-evaluate all the “stuff” in your life. Do you need two blenders? Is that book sitting on your shelf ever going to be read? Most importantly, think about why you are holding on to these things and if they are actually adding value to your life. Think about those who don’t even have one blender, those who don’t have access to electricity to plug one in or money to buy groceries. You can start being more giving today by reducing your consumerism and donating the things that someone else could really use.

2. Lower Your Expectations

Giving is a state of mind. Most of the time, when we give something, we expect something in return. As shallow as it can make us feel, we often don’t want to give, donate and volunteer; we are used to getting repaid for our time in money or in favors or even in good feelings. Many articles address volunteering from the angle that you will “get something in return,” but sometimes volunteering is depressing or hard or overwhelming. Start being more giving today by changing your mindset: open the door for someone without expecting even a “thank you.” Volunteer without anticipating warm and fuzzy feelings. Give of yourself just because it’s the right thing to do.

3. Focus on the Moment

Have you ever been driving and realized a moment too late you could have stopped to let a pedestrian cross or a car idling in the turn lane go ahead of you? Or maybe been at a coffee shop and realized after taking your drink, you forgot to say “thank you?” Everyone misses occasional opportunities to be giving sometimes, but you can start to train yourself to be present in the moment and keep your eyes open for opportunities to be more giving.

4. Get Active

Think about the things that you wish were different in the world: less conflict? fewer hungry children? more or less of a certain political party? Start noticing which things get your ire up or make you feel anxious for change. Then, it’s as easy as googling “charity” or “volunteer opportunity” in that area and getting started. Change your passive outlook about the things you wish you could change to an active one.

5. Think Human

Instead of approaching the world with logic or skepticism all of the time, be willing to let your guard down, to trust and to think in a human way when considering how to be more generous every day. If you see someone who is homeless on your way to lunch, buy them something at the counter. Think about ways you can recognize your shared humanity with others and act from those ideas.

6. Wake With Purpose

Consider starting your day by setting the intention of generosity and humanity. Recite an affirmation, prayer or mantra upon waking; this can set the whole tone of your day and open you up to being more giving in every aspect of your life.

7. Think Big & Small

If you have an enormous dream of donating your time and energy to a certain movement, person, or idea, don’t hold back; definitely jump right in and get to work. But, don’t underestimate the small ways each of us can make a difference by being more giving every day. A smile, some spare change, an offer to help are all as important as making a monthly donation or doing volunteer hours. Go big when you can, but also be sure to take the opportunity to give in small ways whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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