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6 Ways to Volunteer With Animals

volunteer with animals

Love and animals and want to make a difference in the world? Then you should definitely consider finding an opportunity to volunteer with animals. Luckily, there are tons of ways you can make a contribution to the lives of furry, finned and feathered creatures around the world. Here are 6 ways you can volunteer with animals that you may not have thought of before.

1. Shelters

Most shelters and rescue centers offer opportunities for volunteers and they usually need a lot of help. From office work to kennel cleaning to petting and feeding the pets, shelters are a great place to volunteer with animals.

2. Conservation

Help protect wildlife and travel the world! And there are so many ways you can get involved. You can volunteer as a docent and educate children and visitors at a museum or nature reserve, help tag and track endangered species or do hands-on work with animals at an animal sanctuary. Not only are the volunteer possibilities endless, but conservation opportunities are available around the entire world, from the Amazon jungle to the African savannah to the poles.

3. Study/ Learn

Education is one of the most important parts of saving endangered species. Environmental agencies are constantly looking for people to volunteer in schools and in museums and aquariums to get the general public interested and invested in the species that need our help. If you like interacting with people as well as animals, this could be the perfect volunteer position for you.

4. Rescue

Want to really help an animal? Why not adopt an animal yourself or start a sanctuary. Not for the faint of heart, this is perhaps the greatest example of small actions that can make a big difference. While you can’t save or help every animal in the world, you will be making all the difference for the animals you can help.

5. Train

Dogs have been trained for years to rescue, protect, rehabilitate and guide people in need. Most of these programs require you going through a certain level of training, but the result is bringing home puppies to love and teach for years and then passing them on to a person or program that needs them: rewarding, challenging and undeniably adorable!

6. Therapy

Animals aren’t just trained to actively serve people; they are often trained to become therapy pets and brought to hospitals, prisons and treatment centers or else raised to be pets for individuals with emotional disorders and health problems. Petting an animal elevates the mood and has been proven to facilitate healing in many patients. You could either become a handler for one of these organizations or train your own pet and start volunteering at a local retirement community, hospital or treatment center.

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