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Why You Must Keep a Bucket List of Adventures


One cannot emphasize enough on the importance of being open to new experiences in life. Adding the adventurous streak to an everyday routine can not only make your life interesting, it can also help you learn. There is something different and exciting to gain from every adventure, enabling you to get important insights into things about yourself that you’d been unaware of, and to test your strengths and weaknesses. Your next adventure could change your life and alter it in unimaginable ways. While you might experience new things as and when they come, it’s never too late to have a list of your own adventures to try. A bucket list of adventures will give you a head-start if you’ve been trying to add adventure to your life but can’t zero in on one particular idea. Having a list for yourself will also open you up to the thought of new avenues in life, to explore and discover. Making the list is easy – get a pen and paper and write it all down. Think big and reach out to what seems impossible at the moment. Make it a point to have atleast 10 items in the list and progressively rank them according to your preferences. It could provide you with a much needed break from routine and motivation to take action. Here are 5 reasons why this bucket list is important:

1. It will bring Challenge and Joy

A bucket list of adventures will bring more challenge into your life. If you put down atleast ten adventures you want to achieve on paper, it will become a much needed source of motivation, to guide you towards taking action towards what you wish to accomplish. Start off with the easy things, such as trying out the roller coaster you were always afraid of, or the water slide at the adventure park. Move onto the bigger challenges as you go along. You will find yourself confronting fear you’d never known existed and if you are able to accomplish what you planned, the joy will be worth it. The feeling of overcoming fear and trying something new will make you more open and filled with energy.

2. Adventures create memories

A good adventure will always make a good memory, a story to tell. When trying to brainstorm about the adventures you want to undertake in life, it’s always a good idea to go for those which would make a good story. A good memory is an excellent source of motivation to do that thing again, or try something similar. A mountain bike adventure which was memorable will encourage you to perhaps try hiking or skiing next? Your options diversify with each adventure you take, and hence if your bucket list enables you to meet people, connect with them and with your inner self, then keep it close and don’t let it get boring.

3. Adventures that Enable

Your bucket list must have ‘enabling things to do’ or to make it simpler, goals that enable you. An example of an enabling goal is “Publish a book” or “Get published in Time Magazine”. These are examples of goals that are personal in nature and directly contribute to your personality development or lifestyle growth. In other words, they enable you to bring about change in your life. They might take time to materialize but are very relevant to your success. Why is it important to have these goals? Where is the adventure? Adventure is not just about seeing places or visiting landmarks of global importance. These are things which most certainly add value to your life, but do not influence change directly. Adventures might be very small in their area of application, but by impact they can mean a lot more.

4. Adventures are a chance at Success

A bucket list of adventures is a chance at accomplishing things you wouldn’t usually try, thereby limiting your chances of success in newer avenues. More often than not, we might have thoughts in our head, but unless we make a note of them and have them on paper in front of us, we can’t act upon them. Getting your goals out of your head onto paper frees your mind to now think about how you can accomplish them. Give success a chance by starting on a bucket list of adventures. Failure is not the worse that can happen, not trying is.

5. Bucket lists help you evolve

This is more about just being an adventurous person. Keeping a bucket list for your life’s aspirations doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to that list only. The beauty of a bucket list lies in editing, deleting, adding and re-adding experiences as they strike your conscience. The evolution of a bucket list is perhaps an evolution of self in one way. Keeping a bucket list of adventures is one way to evolve yourself with time, starting out with smaller adventures and opening up to bigger ones as they come. Your adventures are a journey of self discovery and even if you take on yourself to accomplish one task from your list in one year, the idea is to never run out options to try. Your list can be never ending, and in fact should be.