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How Couples Can Work From Anywhere


Do you dream of a life spent working from the shores of a Thai beach or the quaint surroundings of a Mediterranean village? Does it sound exciting to work from anywhere ? Maybe you are an itinerant nomad at heart, but your partner is set in a full time job with the bleary prospects of only two weeks of vacation per year. Contrary to popular belief, being a perpetual vagabond doesn’t mean slipping into the ranks of societal dropouts. Many people live a lifestyle of complete nomadic freedom and have a steady enough income to live out their dreams abroad. If you already ply a trade that is location independent such as as a writer or graphic designer, read no further. But if you and your partner are hankering to step out into the world and willing to attempt new endeavors in order to get those coveted passport stamps, read on for unique ideas that couples can use that will allow them to work from anywhere in the world.

Digital Nomad

If you’re lucky enough to have a location independent career such as a photographer, writer or graphic designer, the only thing holding you back from freelancing internationally may be your insecurities. Because for digital nomads whose work is all done via a computer, there’s no reason that working while abroad cannot be a viable option.

Teaching ESL

Even if you’ve never taught before, teaching ESL is a very viable option that opens up the entire world as a workplace for couples. South Korea offers some of the best-paying ESL jobs in the world that include roundtrip airfare, lodging, insurance and bonuses, and require only that you have a bachelor’s degree in any subject. Other countries are more specific about their requirements, but some such as the Sultanate of Brunei pay nearly into the six-figure range if you have the right degrees under your belt. All told, teaching ESL can be a very lucrative business, and some teachers report saving thousands of dollars after just one year, further funding a nomadic lifestyle. To find a position, check out Dave’s ESL Cafe , the EPIK program,  FootPrintsrecruiting, TeachAway, and GoOverseas websites which lists opportunities on six continents.

House Sitting

If you are flexible and have the funds to purchase an airline ticket, then house sitting can be an excellent way to travel and experience local culture without shelling out your entire life savings.  Sites such as HouseCarers.com, MindMyHouse.com ,  TrustedHouseSitters.com and Caretaker.org  are the way to go if you’re looking to explore without paying for lodging. Although these websites require a yearly membership fee, the cost it well worth it. Most house sitting assignments don’t pay (although some do), but the reward is free lodging in a gorgeous home in some of the world’s most desirable vacation destinations—France, Thailand or New Zealand anyone?


If you and your partner are nature lovers, then volunteering for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms may be just the ticket. Not only do you get a full day’s room and board for a 4 to 6 hour work day that may involve picking or packing produce, weeding or watering, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in the organic food movement that is making headway around the world. Find out more at wwoof.net and wwoofinternational.org.

Work Exchange

A work exchange offers opportunities in anywhere from hostels to B&Bs to sailboats. Here’s how it works: you choose where you’d like to go and what kind of job you are interested in doing and your host will provide you with room and board in exchange for the work that you do. Helpx.net and workaway.info are good places to get started.

Australian Working Holiday Visa

It may not sound glamorous, but fruit picking, farming and other agricultural jobs in Australia allow you to see the Land Down Under while earning a substantial wage. If you’re between 18 and 31, the Australian government offers something called a work holiday visa, which allows you to procure part time jobs and work your way around the country while simultaneously enjoying a vacation in one of the world’s most unique countries. Many people are provided housing and food with their gigs, allowing couples to save wages that will further their nomadic lifestyle long after the Australian visa expires. Check out sites such as http://www.visitoz.org/ and http://www.workstay.com.au/ for more ideas.

Other Options

Besides those listed above, there are countless other ways to earn money while living abroad. Bartending, staffing a cruise line, tour guiding, being an au pair, teaching ski lessons and staffing campgrounds are just a few other ways to work your way around the world.

If you have a laptop and possess the skills with which to create a sustainable online business, then that may be the way to go. But if you’re looking for other viable, wage earning options that allow you to explore the globe and save money along the way, then one of these options may open the door to a whole new way of living. Bon voyage!