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Your Fitness is All In The Head


For years, doctors and health experts have worked on the subject of fitness and tried to come up with an ideal way of achieving fitness. Be it elaborate diet plans, or in house gyms, people have gone many lengths to get into shape and feel good about themselves. But while the world is busy buying their way into the world of beauty and good looks, a small group of researchers have increasingly focused on the role our mindset and attitude has to play in helping us achieve fitness. What if we were to tell you that what you say in your head is more powerful than what goes inside your mouth? Your mindset towards fitness can actually affect your ability and motivation to achieve it as well. So while fitness is of course a lot about what you eat and the way you live, it’s also a lot about how and what you think. 5 things to remember on your path to fitness:

Be knowledgeable

The funny thing about fitness is that a lot of it is derived from hearsay. So you heard eating a home-made sandwich is a healthier option over a hamburger, and all this while your home made sandwich had double the amount of mayonnaise and cheese. This can and does happen to a lot of us. What lacks over hear is the basic knowledge about what is good for our own bodies and must be included in our daily diet routine. Being a little knowledgeable and going the extra mile to find out if something is healthy for your own body structure and constitution can go a long way in ensuring fitness. Your understanding of your physical self will only help your mental self in moulding a mindset which will help you attain that dream physique and maintaining it as well.

Mind over matter

The concept of ‘mind over matter’ applies rather well when it comes to fitness. Your mind is extremely powerful and can influence so much if you’re steadfast in your resolve. Start applying a mental resolve to everything you want to achieve, and give it a time period. The more you work within designated time periods, the easier it is to accomplish things and work on them with more motivation. Realize that your fitness is in your hands and no amount of money or training can make you fit if you don’t want to be. So if you think you can get fit, then you will. What matters over here is how you approach your path to fitness mentally. The real action starts when you have a mapped out version of it mentally. Take control of things around you mentally, and work your way from there.

Know your positive and negative mindset

To be able to control your actions and emotions mentally, one must be able to differentiate between one’s positive and negative mindset. To achieve the mental state where one is completely in control of one’s actions, one must be on the path of positivity. A positive mindset will provide you with the motivation to continue on a specific exercise regime or diet plan or the resolve to quit a bad habit more than a negative mindset. Take the example of smoking cigarettes or eating junk food. The positive mindset towards cutting down on such things is to say that it will only make me healthier and reduce my dependence on outside stimuli. A negative mindset would encourage thoughts that will tell you can’t quit because you need to smoke, or because junk food makes you feel happier. Negative emotions instill in you a sense a of need and escapism, while positive emotions make things look more hopeful. Recognize this difference as it comes.

Don’t predetermine results

It’s alright to have expectations about your ideal body weight or level of fitness, but don’t predetermine what you can or cannot do. Expectations are normal, and depend entirely on how much effort you’re willing to put in. But to predetermine results is to prematurely decide what you will end up achieving without even giving it the time it requires or giving it your best shot. Your level of fitness is affected by your ability to keep an open mind about your capacity for change and your will to effect change in your life. Determine what you must do, not what you can be. The result of all your efforts will materialize with the right mental state. This could range from being confident about your pursuits, to finding an external source of motivation in the form of a person or object. You decide.

Fitness is just an image

Remember, fitness is just an image. There is more to life than just being a particular size or looking a particular way. Fitness also differs from person to person, and one’s idea of fitness might be quite different from someone else. To be able to achieve fitness, one must also look beyond it and not let the gym rule one’s life. Make fitness a part of your life, not your life a part of fitness. Most importantly, don’t rate your success based on how others perceive you or understand the idea of fitness. Your fitness must be for yourself, not to impress someone else. Of course, the element of pleasing others is always present at one level, but if that is your only priority, you’re doing it wrong. It’s hard to get into the loop of fitness and lead an active lifestyle, but it is equally hard to get out of it and make room for other things.