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Your Life Purpose: 10 Questions Worth Answering


The meaning and purpose of life has been of interest to the human mind for centuries. Philosophers all the way from the Greeks in the West and Hindus in the East have been engaged in a passionate debate about what purpose the human life is meant to serve in this world. Various religions have explored the question in different ways and no-one yet has discovered a universal truth. The fact is that we’re all looking for something and each life has a different set of relationships and experiences attached to it, and each individual views their purpose differently. While some people are destined for success and fame, others are around to spread cheer and joy in other peoples’ lives. Whatever may be your purpose, there is no denying that somewhere in your thoughts and actions, you have asked yourself, “Who am I?” Here are 10 questions you should try to answer in your search for your life’s purpose. Let your mind explore these answers and let your ideas surface without judgment:

What am I passionate about?

Your passion is what drives you, nourishes your desire to live and succeed. What do you love doing the most? Where and how do you lose track of all time while doing an activity? Is it a sport? An academic subject? A hobby that has stuck with you long enough to become one of the defining characteristics of your personality? Explore your passions and find what drives you.

What do I like about myself?

It’s one thing to know what others like about you, but what do you like about yourself? Is it your wit and intellect? Your sense of humor? Or do you live in a state of constant self deprecation and fail to notice the good things about yourself? If it helps, make a list of things you value as the best traits of your personality.

What inspires me?

What are the ideas, people or places which have inspired you the most in the past? Is it a particular person who has been a source of inspiration in your life, or a group of people? Your inspiration could be something you have already seen and experienced, it could also be something or someone you are yet see. Keep your eyes open, inspiration can strike anytime.

What do others look up to me for?

Why do others come to you? Is it when they’re looking for help and direction? Do people look up to you because of how you are, or because of how your friends and family are? Is the respect you command a result of your own actions?

What do I fear the most?

Your fears are clues as to what obstacles your inner self faces when trying to achieve a goal. Are you afraid of failure? Of being alone? Or are your fears not your own but rather mirrors of the doubts and fears of other people? What do you intend to do about this fear? Are you ready to conquer it?

What frees my imagination?

There are things that inspire you, and then there are things which spark your creativity as a result of that inspiration. So what brings out your creativity? What frees your imagination and lets you explore all possible horizons? Is it a person or an object or a location? What generates curiosity in you and helps you maintain it?

What catches my eye?

What do you notice the most about your surroundings? The things that tend to catch your eye give significant insights into your thought patterns. If geometric shapes and patterns tend to catch your eye more and are easy to spot, it suggests a rather structured outlook towards life with clear goals and ideas. What do you notice about other people? Does their intellect or their appearance catch your attention before anything else?

What did I dream of becoming when I was a child?

Did you dream of becoming an astronaut? A car racer? A dancer? As children, our wishes and dreams are very pure, separate from the problems and concerns of the adult world. Your childhood dreams express in your unconscious desires and ideas.

If there is one thing I could change in the world, what would it be?

If you were given the power to change something, would it be for your benefit or somebody else’s? What do you think matters to you the most in life? Do you think the world is perfect, or would you like to change it? If you had to choose between a million dollars in your bank account or a million dollars in your friends’, which situation would make you happier?

Where do I see myself in the next 10 years?

What do you want the future to hold for you? Given the nature of your goals, strengths and weaknesses, where do you see yourself 10 years on? Do you go after success and money, or are your priorities geared towards relationships and family? More importantly, do you think you’ll have changed for the better or worse in the next 10 years?